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Base Camp

The newest model, the Base Camp is a single-person version of our Classic trailer.  This basic, cost-effective model offers a twin-size bed and 25 cubic feet of storage.  As with the other models, storage is available at all times.

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Click on the video to see just how eas​y it is to set up and take down an Aspen camper.


Slightly smaller than the Classic, the Sentry has a trailer body that is a foot shorter and opens up to a queen-size bed and has 22 cubic feet of storage, available while set-up or in travel mode.

We are Lennard and Joanne Lado, sales representatives for Aspen Quality Trailers.   Aspen makes a lightweight tent camper, easily towable behind a motorcycle, ATV, or any car.  Aspen campers are manufactured by a small family owned company located in El Paso, Illinois.  Each camper is custom made to the customer's specifications.  We believe that Aspen campers are a superior product and we are proud to represent them.

Aspen Camper Models Available:





The best-selling model, the Classic offers the most camping and storage space with a king-size bed and a cargo compartment that holds up to 25 cubic feet of gear, available while set-up or in travel mode.





Sentry and Base Camp will be discontinued when parts are used up from stock